Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Skeptic's Viewpoint

Having read the various positions of the technology enthusiasts within Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology, I am slowly warming up to some of their stances. However, there are several views that still sound overly idealistic and unfeasible. I think the notion of all students inevitably being on an IEP is highly unlikely. The idea of a couple thousand kids in a given high school with their own plans, restrictions and limitations seems like an impossibility, especially with the Common Core just now being established within certain school systems. This could potentially water down standards to the point that students only need to know the basics. The fact is that a majority of students in a given grade or class tend to be at the same level of learning, so to tease them with technology as another way to learn is disingenuous, especially when the technology is not completely there yet.

In my own (albeit extremely limited) teaching experience, I am an aide to a student with Asperger's syndrome. He is on an IEP, and deservedly so. There are other students in his classes, however, who are just completely uninterested in a given lesson; in most cases, it is a matter of motivation. When a teacher spends the first 20+ minutes of a lesson taking attendance, or spends an entire lesson passing out one worksheet, going over it, then passing out another worksheet (and giving that as homework), I can't really blame the students.

In short, I am still skeptical.

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